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2015 Michigan ASA Changes

Listed below are the changes the were approved by the Michigan ASA Board of Commissioners on Sunday, January 25, 2015:

1) Girls Fast Pitch: A $10 fee was added to the Michigan ASA Junior Olympic state tournament to cover the cost of using The entry fee is now $285.

2)Girl's Fast Pitch: In all Junior Olympic pool play and elimination play, no new inning shall start after 1 hour and 20 minutes. If the game is still tied after the time limit has expired, the tie-breaker shall be in effect at the start of the next inning. Exception: There shall be no time limit on elimination play beginning with the Winners bracket final.

3) Umpires: All umpire will be background checked. The $10 fee will be included in the umpire's registration fee.


NEW for 2015

Women's 18-Over Fast Pitch

On July 11th weekend, Michigan ASA and Detroit ASA will be offering a state tournament for Women's 18-Over Fast Pitch. The tournament will be held in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Particulars are listed below:

Date: July 11-12, 2015

Location: West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation

Entry Fee: $450 - 5 game guarantee: 4 pool and then single elimination

Contact: Denny Troshak; 517-861-1667

If you or your team are interested, please spread the word.

Girls Fast Pitch State Tournaments

Jerry Hanson

Jerry Hanson

ASA State Commissioner & Michigan ASA Executive Director

Phone: 1-989-835-5821

Debbie Sherwood

Debbie Sherwood

Admnistrative Assistant

Phone: 1-989-835-5821

Troy Stowell

Troy Stowell


Phone: 517-663-8118 x 8178

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