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Adult Slow Pitch

For a full listing of all USA Softball of Michigan Slow Pitch Tournaments, visit the Tournament USA Softball Web site by clicking the image above

Player Additions

The deadline for adding players to rosters is June 15th of the current year for both qualifying tournaments  and state tournament play.

2019 Individual Player Appeals

USA Softball of Michigan has established a 'Slow Pitch Player Classification Appeal Form' to be used by any player that wants to appeal his or her classification. The player needs to include as must information as possible in an effort to convince the USA Softball of Michigan Slow Pitch Classification sub-committee to change his or her classification.

Complete the Form Under the Slow Pitch Tab - - > Player Appeals above

This player appeal must be into the USA Softball of Michigan state office by April 30th of the current year.

Once complete, just click on the 'Submit by Email' button on the bottom of the page. The appeal information will be sent immediately to the USA Softball state office. The state office will then forward the appeal to the Slow Pitch Classification sub-committee. Once reviewed, the sub-committee will return the results to the state office. The state office will then notify the player, the appropriate district commissioner and the regional director of the results.

Online Roster Requirements

Again in 2019, all slow pitch teams participating in qualifying or state tournament play, MUST go to and enter their team members. You still must register your team the same as previous years either through your local recreation department or the USA Softball of Michigan state office. 

Rule Change Regarding Pick-up Players

Slow Pitch teams advancing to tournament play have the ability to add up to 3 players to their team through the Pick up Player Process. Pick Up Players must be from the same classification or below, and the team roster must not exceed 20 players.

Again in 2019 - Slow Pitch Pick-up Players may come from any registered Slow Pitch team.  This eliminates the requirement that they had to come from the same division of play (mens from mens, etc).  The restriction regarding Pick Up Players coming from the same region has been eliminated as well, meaning players may be picked up from anywhere in the state as long as all other criteria are met.

Please keep in mind that Pick-up Player forms must be completed and signed accordingly by district commissioners.

Certified Equipment

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Non-Approved Bat List

2013/2014 Bat Standards

Certified Bats & Ball

Men's Slow Pitch Player Classifications

Women's Slow Pitch Player Classifications


Darrin Duistermars

Darrin Duistermars

ASA PLayer Representative

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