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Umpire Information

2018 USA Softball of Michigan Golf Outing

Congratulations to District 19 UIC Steve Allen on receiving the 2017 Award of Excellence, presented by State UIC Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

State Umpire in Chief

2018 USA Softball Registered Umpire Certificate of Insurance



All umpires registered with USA Softball are automatically protected under this plan. The USA Softball Accident plan provides coverage for accident/medical expenses arising out of the performance of duties as a USA Softball Umpire. This is a supplemental policy to help minimize your out of pocket expenses. The coverage is subject to limits, conditions and exclusions of the policy and is not designed to cover “everything.”

Please note that you must follow your primary insurance carrier’s eligibility criteria (e.g., to be treated in-network, etc) in order for this policy to consider your expenses for payment.

Underwritten by Markel Insurance Company.


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