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Team Registration


USA Softball of Michigan requires ALL youth fast pitch teams to register through USA Softball at The registration period is September 1, 2019– August 31, 2020.

If you have not registered through before, The step-by-step PowerPoint instructions are located to the right. Use the link titled Youth Registration Process.  Please read the registration instructions. If you have questions after you have read this, contact our office for help.

How to register your team:

The Team Administrator must register the team online.

You must register individually with USA Softball/USA Softball of Michigan, by using the following steps:

 Go to select “Create a member profile” and sign up your team. If you created a profile previously, go to step 1.

  1.  Select “Member’s Login” and login with your username and password.
  2. Select “Edit My Team” and update the information.
  3. Select “Edit Players” and update your roster.
  4. Select “Player Registration” and follow the instructions.
    1. Cost: Each Junior Olympic Player: $18
    2. Each Adult Manager, Coach, or Scorekeeper: $23
  5. Payment: Print invoice and send payment to the address on the invoice.
    1. Payment can be: credit card, check, money order, or PayPal)
  6. Background Checks MUST be completed at The cost is $10 (subject to change).


Once you have entered the managers, coaches, scorekeepers, players, etc, you will create an invoice and print it out. On the invoice, it will indicate behind a player’s name if we need to see a copy of her birth certificate. You will need to send copies of birth certificates for those indicated with birth certificate required. If a manager, coach, scorekeeper, or player has been in the system, the name will appear with their USA Softball ID number. Please use this and do not enter the person again.

Required information MAY include copies of concussion certificates for new managers, coaches, and scorekeepers. If we received a copy previously, we do not need another one.

Additionally, all players need to have a signed concussion form on file. Only those new players that have not signed a concussion form with us will need to file a form.

All of the concussion information is located on the TEAMS page, in the last two columns to the far right.

FEES FOR 2020:

  • Players - $18
  • Managers, Coaches, Scorekeepers, etc. - $23
  • Background Checks - $10
    • All adults MUST have a background check each playing season

Before any registration is approved, we need to have all of the required information. Please send everything in one packet, at one time. Your team will NOT be approved until we have all documents that are required. We do not want partial registrations sent to us, as this creates a lot of extra work for you and for our office. Your registration will be returned if it does not contain all of the required documents.

Before sending in your registration, please check to make sure that you have the following:

  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Birth Certificates (if indicated on the invoice)
  • Concussion Certificate for managers, coaches, scorekeepers, if needed (see above)
  • Signed concussion form by players, if needed (see above)


Once approved, the online registration will allow the manager to print the roster, and add to the roster, at the manager’s convenience. Other documents are listed under the Printable Documents on the Team's Page.


All coaches, and scorekeepers should be registered on your team and background checked annually, have a concussion certificate on file, and complete SafeSport. If a team only lists one coach, then there should not be any other people helping with the team. This means no unregistered adults should be helping with coaching duties and should not be in the dugout, on the field, or helping with any practices. If you do NOT list all coaches, and scorekeepers, the team's insurance coverage is not valid, period.

Youth Registration Process

The USA Softball's PowerPoint presentation with step-by-step instructions for the 2020 registration process.

Registrations for 2020 begins on SEPTEMBER 1st

Checklist for the registration process:

  • Online registration for ALL teams must be done at
  • All coaches, managers, scorekeepers, and adults that are helping with the players MUST be background checked each registration year through the USA Softball. Our registration year is from September 1 - August 31, so the background check needs to be completed before the team is approved for the new season. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • ACE certifications must be renewed each registration year. A minimum of one coach per team.
  • All managers, coaches, and scorekeepers MUST complete the SafeSport training. This includes all three sessions.
  • All managers, coaches, and scorekeepers MUST have a Concussion Certificate on file. If new to the program, submit a copy to the USA Softball of Michigan.
  • All players must have a signed concussion form on file. If new to the program, submit a copy to the USA Softball of Michigan.
  • If a birth certificate is required for a player, submit a copy to the USA Softball of Michigan.
  • Credit card payments can be made through PayPal once the invoice is created. This is the fastest, safest, most secure form of payment.

If ALL of the above requirements are not met, the registration will NOT be approved.

To register: (formerly same login and password)