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Nominating for the USA Softball of Michigan Hall of Fame

Nominations for 2019 are due April 15, 2018

Nominating Criteria



1.01   To honor those men and women who have played a major role in the growth and development of softball in Michigan.
1.02   To help bring to the attention of the public the wide-spread value of, and interest in the game of softball by so honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to it's success.




Each voting member of the Board of Commissioners and each Hall of Fame member shall have the opportunity to nominate no more than two (2) candidates from his area each year.


NOTE: A candidate for the Hall of Fame does not have to be nominated by a person from their district.

2.02   Nominations will close on and must be received by April 15th annually.
2.03   The allocated number of inductees shall be a maximum of eight (8) each year.

Any man or woman elected to the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame who meets MASA requirements, may be elected to the MASA Hall of Fame and shall be in addition to the allocated number of inductees. 


Approval: Approval for acceptance into the MASA Hall of Fame shall require a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the MASA Hall of Fame committee present.


The names of candidates proposed for selection to the MASA Hall of Fame shall remain confidential and released only to the MASA Hall of Fame Selection Committee prior to public announcement.


Removal: The MASA Hall of Fame committee, by three-fourths (3/4) vote, may, with just cause, recommend removal of an individual elected to the MASA Hall of Fame. Such recommendation when approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Commissioners shall remove said individual from the MASA Hall of Fame.



3.01   To be selected as a player for the MASA Hall of Fame, a person must have been an active player in MASA.
3.02   The length of playing career is to be considered as a factor in the evaluation of candidates. No minimum playing time is required, but is recommended that candidates have participated in at least five (5) MASA State Tournaments. Accomplishments at local or state level shall be used as a gauge for candidacy. Factual and detailed data must be presented to the Hall of Fame Committee before a candidate may be accepted. Scrapbooks and newspaper articles are acceptable, also letters from competent references, a reproducible photo shall be included.




Non-player candiates may still be active participants.

It is recommended that, to be selected for the MASA Hall of Fame as a non-player, a person meet the minimum requirements in one of five categories:

  1. Umpire fifteen (15) years and distinguished themselves in their field.
  2. Manager fifteen (15) years.
  3. Sponsor ten (10) years.
  4. Commissioner fifteen (15) years and in addition, to qualify for this award, the nominee shall have served in some of the following areas: as a vice president; chairman or vice-chairman of a state committee; host of state tournaments; special recognitions received, and or other services to humanity.
  5. Meritorious Service This category could include individuals or organizations which offer any combination of the above categories. Also, an organizer-builder, years of service, financial contributor, etc.



5.01   A special designed plaque shall be given to those elected to the Hall of Fame.



6.01   Announcement of the year's selection shall be made at the MASA Annual Meeting with special stories sent to the home area of the inductees as directed by the commissioner from the area.
6.02   Formal induction ceremonies and presentation of awards will be made during the Annual Meeting.



7.01   The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of six (6) voting members of the Board of Commissioners appointed by the president for a term of three (3) years, plus the ASA Commissioner, State President and Executive Director.
7.02   The Committee, after studying the nominations shall meet prior to June 01 of each year, to begin balloting for the year's inductees. It is required that five of the committee members be present and voting to elect.
7.03   If a candidate is not selected, the committee will return the application to the submitter. If the submitter so desires, the nominee may be resubmitted at a later date with additional information included.