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Registration, Background Check, and Concussion Information

2019 Registration Information:

  • It’s that time of year to begin thinking of the 2019 softball season. Below you will find a document with instructions for registering on remember, there may be issues if you try to register using a mobile device. A laptop, or desk top, is preferred. If you have issues trying to register, Google Chrome seems to be the best to use.
  • The 2019 USA Softball umpire registration will begin on December 15th. The 2019 registration fee is as follows:
  • December 15, 2018 – March 31, 2019
    • $55
  • April 1st and after
    • $70
  • Background check
    • $10


2019 USA Softball National Umpire School Information:

  • Below is the information on the 2019 USA Softball National Umpire School. Registration for the school will begin on December 15th. You will need to register from our Web site,, under the Umpire tab, you will find 2019 Ump School. At this page, scroll to the bottom, and you will find the registration form. When you click on Submit button, it will take you to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you may enter a credit or debit card. This is the only way that you can register for the school.
  • USA Softball National Umpire School registration fee:
  •  Early registration through February 28, 2019
    • $110
  • March 1st and after
    • $125


USA Softball Umpire Registration

Beginning in 2017, all umpires MUST register using  

If you were registered in 2018, you have a user name, password, and Member ID number.  DO NO CREATE A NEW PROFILE. If you don't know what your user name and/or password, contact our office.

If you are a NEW umpire, you will create a profile, and follow the steps. 

To register and pay with your debit/credit card OR your PayPal account, click below.




Registration for 2019 will begin on December 15th. Click the Register link above.


All USA Softball of Michigan umpires must be background checked annually, and is part of the registration process. 


The information is below.


A new Michigan Law went into effect on June 30, 2013 called “Heads Up Concussion.” USA Sotfball of Michigan  is proactive and we are requiring all of our umpires that will be umpiring youth games to take the Concussion Training. There is no cost for this training. You must go to one of the following Web sites: (Preferred Choice by USA Softball of Michigan)


Once completed, the certificate needs to be printed and sent to the USA Softball of Michigan State office. Please indicate umpire when sending the certificate. Michigan State Law requires us to keep these certificates on file.

You only have to do this training once in your lifetime. If you have completed the training previously, send us a copy of the certificate. The certificate will remain on file with USA Softball of Michigan as long as you remain an active umpire.

Why Register with USA Softball of Michigan?

For those serious about umpiring, the USA Softball training is the best available in any sports organization today. National, regional, and local mechanic schools and rules clinics are scheduled each spring and in many cases in the fall for new umpires beginning at that time of year. Training is similar at each level, as described in the USA Softball Umpire Manual. Whether plate mechanics, base positioning, signals, working with players and coaches, or just tips in umpiring, the Manual is the most complete training guide available. To assist the local training official, the USA Softball provides training aides through a Clinic Guide, instructional videos, transparencies, school mechanics drill cards, an umpire examination, meeting quizzes, and a "Case Book."

Insurance for the USA Softball umpire is by far the best for any sport or organization and includes a $5,000,000 liability policy, an accidental injury policy with maximum benefit of $100,000 for any accidental injury arising out of the amateur softball activities (including clinics and schools), and games, leagues, and tournaments involving USA Softball registered teams. The medical expense coverage is provided on an excess basis. It also includes an accidental death and dismemberment policy, as well as a dental coverage that will pay the actual expense incurred for treatments to sound and natural teeth, with a $500 limit for each individual tooth.

An umpire uniform and leisure wear program is available to each registered umpire, so that he/she will be able to purchase and wear the official USA Softball uniform with pride. Whether the shirt, cap, pants, shoes or ball bag, or any of the variety of protective equipment, or optional wear such as sun glasses, the USA Softball program has it.

USA Softball registered umpires are selected to officiate in metro, state, regional and national championships, and as the national governing body for softball in the US, are the only organization in the US which softball umpires can apply for International Softball Federation certification and the opportunity to umpire in World Championships, Regional Games (Pan Am Games) or the Olympic Games. World Cup events held in Plant City Florida also are open to USA Softball umpires who have completed a "Qualifier" Seminar.

USA Softball umpires are rewarded for their years of service and expertise through the Medals Program, the National Indicator Fraternity, ISF Certification, and possibly the National Hall of Fame. No other organization has this various assortment of rewards programs for their umpire.

Yes, it pays to be a USA Softball umpire. From expert training through being rewarded for individual umpire achievements, USA Softball offers the most to help each umpire achieve his/her goal - To Be The Best He/She Can Be, and to reach the level their skills will take them too.