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2013 Bat Certification Mark

01/13/2014, 9:30pm EST
By Michigan ASA

Bats that contain the new 2013 ASA Certification Mark are only allowed in the game of Slow Pitch, Men's Adult Fast Pitch, Men's Modified Pitch, and JO Boys Fast Pitch . 

Girls Junior Olympic - bats must have either the 2000 or 2004 certification mark.  The 2013 Mark is NOT approved for JO Play.

Bats that have the 2000 and 2004 certification marks are still legal in all divisions of play.

Bats must still meet all requirements as outlined in the ASA Rule Book, and not appear on the latest Non-Approved Bat List.

Tournaments that test and certify bats will be done so using the Official ASA Compression Testing Machine.  Bats must meet limitations and requiremnts of barrel compression for linear and non-linear bats as defined by ASA.

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